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Telemarketing Services that fast-track sales cycle by generating highly qualified and targeted leads.

Expand your business’ reach to potential deals & leads
Construct a strong pipeline replete with potential leads that accelerate sales cycle. Caxan incorporates the most dynamic and effective telemarketing techniques used these days to generate highly qualified and targeted leads.
Strategic plan and accurate approach is what businesses tend to overlook in the highly competitive market today. At Caxan, we exclusively work over the strategic planning and systematic approach as per your business requirement to get your voice reach up to key decision makers across the industry and targeted market.
Benefits that makes us
peerless in the market

Equip your business with our telemarketing services and solutions and get utmost benefits that enhance your sales and make seamless promotion. Below mentioned are the list of benefits you get with Caxan’s telemarketing services:

  • It holds interactive and amiable approach to deal with customers.
  • You get professionals that promptly track the interest of the clients.
  • It gives precise and accurate description of the technical benefits to your clients
  • You can calculate the ROI in the in-complex and smooth way.
  • Get a strategically structured telemarketing plan as per your organization’s needs.
  • Get a team of qualified reps to proficiently manage diverse marketing campaigns.
  • Get professional assistance to schedule all appointments and initiate sales leads.
  • Get round-the-clock, dedicated support services throughout.
Get brief insights to our
core telemarketing solutions
Inbound telemarketing services
Caxan proudly delivers exceptional inbound telemarketing services proficiently covering customer acquisition, customer support, upselling/cross-selling via providing skilled call agents, automated voice and data services.
B2C telemarketing services
Our exclusive B2C Telemarketing services allow you to seamlessly reach to your targeted market. Caxan’s qualified team aims to leverage the potential of each of your sales call including unified account penetration to high-volume sales lead qualification.
Market research programs
Our team of experts organize comprehensive market research programs to assimilate with the everchanging technology, accurate information or latest trends about target markets or customers.
Outbound telemarketing services
We comprehend your requirements while getting in-depth knowledge about your unique selling points (USPs) via which we structure each marketing campaign for you that exclusively boost your bottom lines.
B2B telemarketing services
Receive impressive revenues on your investment made via our B2B telemarketing services and solutions that incorporates our business expertise and cutting-edge technology. Our expert services assist you in converting leads into competent sales through appointment setting, account profiling and tele sales services.

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